Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Electricity generation

As promised this is a topic that follows the previous post. There are various sources through which Electricity is generated and the most easy ones are Hydroelectric dams(water based), Solar power , Wind power,Steam generated using fossil fuels, nuclear fusion.

There is an interesting way of generating electricity which I saw once on Discovery sometime back and it was from Volcano! It's natural and renewable energy source with continuous heat energy generation through out year(s) independent of whether sun-shine. There will always be volcanoes around the world at some place or the other. I was amazed by the concept initially but if you think a bit deeper you realize that the constraints are that

1. Volcanoes also have their own life-cycle! So dependency on specific locations is dangerous.

2. Volcanoes are present in various part of the world distributed non-uniformly(of course), so how does one transfer energy across locations.

I think at least the second concern of mine is solved with invention of wireless-electricity transmission. If we can successfully transmit energy produced from one location to another without much loss then that would be great.

But another interesting idea which came up few months ago when a bunch of us went to Kovalam Beach in Kerala! We were sitting on the beach at night and appreciating the the weather, the moon , the wind, the sound the waves make(I love them) and then a friend(Rachit) said the "waves are very powerful"
As soon as I heard the statement it dawned upon me that, may be we can use the powerful waves to generate electricity. Most of the Earth is filled up by the Ocean and there is continuous movement of water. So if someday one can use this abundant and powerful source of energy effectively then we should have enough power for everything!

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