Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thought for food!

Naga(friend) and myself regularly see movies at PVR(Forum Mall) and there is a Pizza-Hut at forum. So if we have to grab dinner before the movie then we generally end up at Pizza-Hut and one particular day some months back were in Pizza looking at menu and I had a craving to eat something with Egg! It struck me then that there are no options of egg based pizza at Pizza hut or any other pizza maker I know. In fact I started thinking that how come people did not think of it when they have both veg and non-veg options of pizza. For that matter even Garlic Bread you do not have option with Egg(Omelet...Yummy!). I am sure that at least garlic bread with Omelet on top of it is an option which people will surely try. I discussed this with Naga and then we wondered how come people did not think of it or may be there are issue using egg in a Pizza(we are not experts for sure). For a while I even thought may be someday I can setup a pizza place which offers Egg-Pizza and Garlic Bread with egg!

So why did I post this here if I wanted to setup a place sometime in future. Some interesting thoughts/reasons:

1. I am lazy.

2. I am not expert in this area and need to do enough research regarding feasibility and blah blah blah. By that time someone else might come-up with similar concept into market. The driving force for me is that I would rather enjoy the Garlic-Bread with Egg and Egg-Pizza created by others in near future than wait long to start and put in lot of effort into creating a setup. Some people can argue that this is negative mindset but you know I am LAZY about things that I do not enjoy or do not effect my life enough.

3. The other reason why I posted it here is that I wanted to clear my mind. I was so excited with the idea that I have hard time getting it out of my mind. In fact one of the reasons I started blogging was to get such thoughts out of my mind. You might have heard the line "The cup is too full. No more will go in!" which I think is similar to what Nagesh Kukunoor(one of my favourite directors) said after making a bad movie called "Bombay to Bangkok". He said that he had all crazy ideas in his mind and till the time he flushes them out he will not be able to think of fresh ones so sometime he would like to get things our of his head and in this movie he tried to get out majority of his crazy thoughts.

Recently Lays launched a campaign in India called "Your Lays Flavour" and one immediate thought which came up was that why not non-veg flavoured chips! People in India already are used to Fish-papads and for that matter I am sure will have chips with chicken flavour(even if there is no chicken content like in chicken masala!).

I think in general you can notice that people created veg and non-veg versions of all famous dishes so why not chips or I don't know some day even non-veg juices/soups in bottles!

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