Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wireless Electricity!

Since my collage days when I had trouble connecting wires of computer systems, I used to wonder, why can't we have everything wireless? When I shared my thoughts with my friends most of them laughed at me saying that it's impossible, it would hurt human beings and what not!

Overtime I saw few things like networking and mouse/keyboards become wireless. Though people say laptops and cellphones are mobile I still had problem with one thing. All of these devices needed to be charged regularly or run on battery.

Though it was proven by Tesla almost 100 years ago that electricity can be transmitted wireless, it seems finally there has been break through(look at articles in the following links)


Think of all the changes that will happen with all of our lives due to this innovation. You will no longer need to charge mobiles or laptops through wires and may be in future all vehicles can run on electricity with less pollution. Apart from a number of positive changes like power in all villages which I can think of, I also wonder how will the billing system work and will this lead to more power theft? Because of it's easy availability everywhere the power consumption is bound to increase, so how can power production be increased?

So my next topic will be on power generation ideas!


Anonymous said...

Like you said,there are some electric cars or plug-in hybrids.But they have limited driving range due to lack of charging stations and are quite expensive.

Anshul said...

Here is a TED talk demo of the same. Uber cool! Works using resonance and is as far as I can tell, is a short distance solution. If one could do wireless power over long distances, the first thing I would want is flying cars! Without the weight of a dying battery imagine all the cool avionics and rocketry jhandugiri one could do!!!

Also, love the blog... (and google should just totally hide deleted comments... I had to delete mine to correct the link.)

Parthasaradhi said...

Nice video it helps atleast understand(rather vaguely for non core guys like me!) the technology behind it. and I do want wireless power over long distance. Flying cars is a nice thought but I don't want to have traffic signals in the sky!!

I have this idea of one way routes to all locations which can possibly get rid of traffic signals forever. Though it might be realy really tough implementing on land atleast once can give it a thought on air!

BTW: I deleted your "deleted" comment!