Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3D view

Though '3D' movies have been made before, 'Avatar' has generated more buzz around it than ever.

We use many graphical tools in our day to day work-life like 3D-Bar graphs. Now a days we can see many products(bikes,iPhone,nexus,...) online with 360 degree view which can compensate the 3D view to a great extent. I am not sure how difficult it is to create these views(anyone feel free to shed some light). I think it would be great if we can have a simple device which can create the 360 degree view in matter of seconds(like a camera which can take a 2D picture at the click of a button... OK not so simple may be) I truly believe that in future many people will buy products online in India like in US and elsewhere. And one can take it to the next level by providing 360 degree views of all products.

Back in early years of my hostel life at ISI some of my seniors created a design of our hostel in vrml(Virtual Reality Modeling Language) format and I still remember it in my head. I was fascinated by it a lot as you get the feeling that you are actually walking up the stairs of the hostel when you go through the stairs and you can decide which direction to go and you can explore the hostel. Many people might say whats new about it, as you see that in all the computer games now!. I will get to the point....One can create a website of a retail store similar to a physical of a store where the customer gets a feel of entering the store and walk through the lanes. Customer can pickup stuff of the virtual shelf and have a 360 degree view of the product and if interested buy it!

Similarly one can have a clothes store online where we should provide facility for the user to upload his/her 3d image. Through a simple interface user should be able to try on any clothes of his choice on the virtual image of himself/herself ( which of course should be realistic to a great extent in terms of body structure....all based on user uploaded 3d or 360 degree view). So through such interface user can not only pick up and have 360 degree view of clothes but also ability to try it on and see how they look in those clothes for their complexion/structure(of course one can add some more features like ... various backgrounds/ lighting levels/ ...)
It could be great if one can even incorporate the exact fit of the clothes tot he body and show realistic view to the extent possible.

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Anonymous said...

I think that will surely become a reality in the future...though technologically I think it is possible to create stores like them at this point of time, I don't think it will come up very quickly (within 10 years) on a commercial basis...a whole lot of new ways to collect, store and analyze data (cloud computing to start with) has to established...but this will be the first step towards this direction...

-- Rajarshi Gupta