Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Convergence of technology

There was a time when a telephone, radio, audio player(tape), newspaper,video player,... had a specific non-overlapping functionality and usage. However now a days one mobile phone with Internet connection and cover for all of these!

1. I think Internet was one of the biggest inventions that contributed to all future rapid inventions/developments due to fast and easy knowledge/ideas sharing across the world.
2. Most of these could be integrated because we found ways to capture and convert all forms/formats of information(audio/video/..) into digital form(I think its as big an innovation/discovery as converting one form of energy into another!)

In future the difference across electronic gadgets will reduce far more. Probably we will see more fights similar to the battle between VOIP(like Skype) and GSM mobile network service providers(due to introduction of "3G" this battle will catch up in India soon).

I shall focus on Television for a minute. I watch television a lot, but like many people say I agree that T.V. is an idiot box(standalone!). Without the basic cable connection(Set-top box or otherwise)/DVD player/Gaming Console most of us would agree that T.V. is an idiot box but most of them in India and across world have T.V.
When most people across the world are used to television then it probably sense to provide more options to the end user through this medium.

Eg: I was watching a cricket match today and noticed that we get commentary in two different languages in different channels. I was wondering why can't the user select a language of his preference like in ATMs/mobiles/...
Does ESPN relay football matches in regional languages across European countries?

The reason is historically cable service has been a one way channel without a facility to interact with the end user. Now that we have digital set-top boxes we are starting to see bits and pieces of these interaction. If we can access Internet through set-top boxes then the usage of T.V. will change drastically.
Today using Wii/PS3/XBOX you can browse Internet on T.V. but that is still using an Internet connection from some other source. But suppose your TV has high speed Internet connection(say 3G) then you can bank using T.V., there could be customized advertisements on T.V. based on usage patterns.

Due to digitization of everything in life I think Analytics will continue to be the future for a long time.

PS: If only Internet was free with unlimited bandwidth think of all the changes that will happen. Like the Reliance advertisement I wish someday we have Air,Food,Water and Internet for free!

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