Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Caller Tunes - Advertisements

Caller tunes have undergone changes from simple ringing tone to songs of receiver's choice and most recently caller's choice as well from DOCOMO (I like the add on hear what you want to hear).

I was wondering can a caller tune be random song from a play list of choice or may be play radio!!!

Slightly off topic - Off late people came up with innovative ways to ensure people look at advertisements on Television like they shorten the screen while showing a cricket match to display an advertisement.(But I really hates the add of - J K super super cements ‘a strong cement’ displaying a model. I really fail to understand the link between a model and `a strong cement' but it keeps popping up throughout the match). Given the modern world where everything is moving to digital form I was wondering if in future we can get a feature on the TV which would block adds like "ad block - FireFox" :-)

Since some people do love some advertisements would like to share it with others and advertising companies are looking to penetrate more and more into our lives and mobile operators are looking of ways to improve their revenue...I think mobile operators can sell a proposition to the customer that he can select an advertisement as his caller tune and based on the number of times he receives a call the customer can earn a small share of the revenue they would receive from the advertisers!

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